Your Team

Courtney Lawes is the founder of Move My Blocks. With a background in elementary education, she has a true passion for teaching others.  She found a love for energy healing when she saw how it helped and changed things in her own life.  This prompted her training as a practitioner in energy healing and personal mentoring. More than 13 years later, she has now helped thousands through her gifts of healing and by connecting the mind, body, and spirit. She is committed to enriching every life she is fortunate enough to cross paths with. She truly cares about the people she works with and strives to help them become their best self. As she serves others by removing the energetic blocks and opening their minds to the world of possibilities before them, they in turn, live the lives they deserve. In essence, elevating others to fulfill the measure of their creation is not only her life’s mission and purpose, but also her greatest passion.
 Courtney loves her family and when she isn’t running a successful business, she is homeschooling her kids and spending time with her amazing husband. 

Jana Bodily-Roan is a certified energy healer practitioner with Move My Blocks who would love to help you on your journey to healing and happiness. Through energy work Jana has found healing, connections, and joy, which prompted her desire to learn more and help others. Jana enjoys spending time with her family and being outside in nature as much as possible. Jana holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and a Master’s of Public Administration with an emphasis in Public Health from Idaho State University.


Jessica Farnes is a messenger of hope and healing. With her brightness of hope for the future, she supports others in their own journeys. As an Intuitive Life Coach, Jessica is a genuine listener and a powerful teacher. She has a unique gift of being able to see what cannot be seen with the eyes and of discerning deeper mental, emotional and spiritual issues, which helps her when working with her clients. With Jessica’s love for serving women and guiding others from miserably stuck to the pure joy of sweet success, she loves watching the light in their eyes change in as little as one simple conversation. 

Jessica has spent her much of her life developing her skills in teaching, communication, in public speaking and personal coaching, allowing her the ability to lift others in ways that are unmatched.  She openly shares her own stories of overcoming her personal struggles with anxiety, depression, infertility, chronic pain, emotional eating and weight issues, to mention a few. With Jessica’s ability to keep a positive outlook through the storms of life and her  habits of success, she’s a brilliant breath of fresh air, bringing wholesome light and the joy of healing to all she interacts with. 

Family is Jessica’s greatest treasure and recognizes her highest calling is as Queen to her King, BJ and as mother to her five darling children and precious angel babies. She is truly honored to connect with you and welcomes you into her family with open arms